Go the extra mile and become a FEAST! Facilitator. Develop your leadership skills and help us run FEAST! events on the ground!

Together with the FEAST! chef you will coordinate a group of volunteers and ensure that the session runs smoothly. As a key member of the project, you will be in charge of the front- of house- duties. You will meet up with other facilitators once every two months so that you get to know the lovely FEAST! team and to ensure your questions and feedback are heard. This is a great opportunity to build your CV by developing your confidence, teamwork and interpersonal skills. We will provide you with a DBS check and training. Our incredible volunteer coordinator will be on call to support you throughout the session.

What Will Your Tasks Be?

  • Welcome volunteers and ensure they have a role

  • Create a warm environment and introduce volunteers to residents

  • Enable good communication with the staff from the centresshelters and report any incidents

  • Enablesure good communication with the FEAST! chef to ensure the smooth running of the session

  • Support and guide volunteers throughout the session

  • Manage time accurately

  • Serve together with the team and ensure that all participants get an even amount of food

  • Enjoy the lovely FEAST! meal together with the other volunteers and participants

  • Ensure the kitchen gets cleaned and lock the door

  • Submit a form at the end of the session so that we can continue improving FEAST! every day


What will your tasks be?

  • Ensure all the collected food is in good condition

  • Think up a nutritious and appetising menu using all the surplus, ensuring that no food is wasted

  • Prioritise which dishes require more time and distribute tasks amongst volunteers

  • Clean as you go!

  • Enjoy the lovely FEAST! together with the other volunteers and participants

  • Make sure the kitchen is clean and lock the door